• Wooden high-end
  • Old wooden floor
  • Cocciopesto

Wooden high-end : Floors special measures or oversized extralongue, inserts in metal, stone or glass are our possible achievements, as well as designs, even the boldest. Submit a your model well, your own color, finish your staff, we will be able to achieve.

Old wooden floor : The culture of recovery and reuse is deeply rooted in the mind of Parquet e Arredo. We use recycled wood of fir and larch from demolition of old barns and old houses, the wood of the oak bricole of Venice , which worked properly allows you to have beautiful floors and objects , and sometimes even wood elm and chestnut, when we recover . These materials require long periods of working and a great deal of attention to the restoration . All operations necessary for the restoration , sanding , filling and oiling , are performed by hand to keep the flavor and aroma of the time .

Cocciopesto : Think of the colors, the shapes, the object of your desire , a table a sink , a shower , a kitchen floor , a door , a decoration , a floor , an object , or whatever you want . You can do !!! And that thing will be yours , as you have dreamed . To the touch , you will have a soft but compact object where the craftsmanship you can feel , as well as pastel colors and painterly effects . It will be your object . One and only....